Learning from Expa: A Conversation with Om Malik

June 30th 2015

Last week we held our first Learning event at Expa. Naveen Selvadurai, our Partner in NYC, sat down with founder, journalist and investor Om Malik for a 1 on 1 conversation. It was an evening of drinks, conversation and fun with great people in our network. Om provided perspective to our diverse audience of entrepreneurs, founders, and builders and we had the chance to learn amazing bits of wisdom across topics ranging from life, writing,photography, technology, and fashion.

Hosting events like this gives us the opportunity to bring together our network and learn from a leading industry expert. Since we are a startup studio, a company that creates companies, a big part of what we do is leverage our learnings across our portfolio. We believe that a community of entrepreneurs can make each other better by sharing their experiences as they design + build new products. At the same time, these events create an atmosphere and environment where everybody gets to interact with each other outside of the daily challenges of building a startup. What we hope comes out is an ever growing expansion and sharing of knowledge.

We will be holding more events like this in the future. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.

Roberto Sanabria
–Expa Partner

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