Introducing Haus — An Open and Fair Real Estate Platform

July 28th 2016


We are excited to announce our latest company: Haus—an open and fair platform for buying and selling homes. Haus’ initial product, an online platform for making and accepting offers on residential real estate, is available today in California and will expand to other states soon.

Haus solves a fundamental problem when buying or selling a home: a manual and inefficient offer submission and acceptance process. At a time when everything is digitized, the offer review process still relies heavily on paperwork and doesn’t incorporate modern digital technology. Buyers rarely know the status of their offer (let alone how it compares to others), sellers must wait to see offers until their agent shares them, and agents spend too much time on offer logistics, rather than marketing, negotiating and selling a home.

Haus helps buyers, sellers and agents operate more efficiently. The platform streamlines offer communications, reduces anxiety and leads to a better experience overall. Agents and sellers can instantly compare offers side-by-side, buyers can see where their offer stands, and all buyers get a fair chance of having their offer accepted.

For more information, check out the Haus Blog. If you’re an agent who wants to know more, or someone buying or selling a home who wants to try the platform out—we’d love to hear from you.

Garrett Camp

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