Why Expa labs?

Expa is a global network of entrepreneurs helping each other build companies. Here, we work on companies of all stages - from the discovery and research phase, to pre-seed, to series A and B. From our Partners who have built products used by hundreds of millions of people every day, to Expa employees, to our portfolio companies, we provide critical guidance that will increase your company's chances of success.

Expa Labs is designed to maximize the time spent building your company and providing the right support network for you to succeed. This is the best deal for entrepreneurs, offering office space + capital + support + expert advice.

Our program is built around focusing an entrepreneur’s time and energy on shipping product(s), talking to customers, and removing obstacles to success.

What are the details of the Expa Labs investment?

Expa Labs has two options for entrepreneurs, which you can choose upon applying. Ultimately the investment tier you are offered will be decided by Expa, based on the capital needs of your business and progress to date.

Option 1:
Expa Labs invests $500,000 in return for 20% equity in the company.

Option 2:
Expa Labs invests $250,000 in return for 10% equity in the company.

For those that have not already done so, Expa will help companies incorporate using the same structure that our 15+ Studio and Labs companies have used to date, designed to help companies achieve the proper alignment on their capitalization table, corporate structure, founder control, and set them up for maximum success from the start.

Where are Expa offices located?

Expa has offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Vancouver. If accepted to Expa Labs, your team will be offered up to six desks in one of these offices. Founders are welcome to apply to our Distributed Program.

What is the Expa Labs Distributed program and where can we be located?

Each Expa Partner comes from outside the US, and we recognize that great founders and companies can be built from anywhere.

For entrepreneurs located outside of the cities where we operate offices (NYC, SF, and Vancouver), we are open to having you work from the city you are based as long as it is within the United States. Though limited to only U.S. locations for Expa Labs 2017, our goal is to have a truly global program in the future. While select teams can operate from anywhere, they must also have a business entity based in the US to qualify.

What is expected of a Expa Labs Distributed team and how is it different from working out of one of the 3 offices?

For companies selected as part of the Distributed Program, founders will be required to visit a designated Expa office three times during the program, at our expense, to participate in key events and work together with the other teams.

Teams in the Distributed Program will be held to the same standards that apply to all Labs companies and will participate in all meetings and events remotely.

What type of company is Expa Labs interested in?

Expa is looking for venture scale businesses that can solve real problems in all industries. To date we have advised and invested in businesses including; transportation, consumer applications, b2b/enterprise, food delivery, logistics, marketplaces, and new categories that haven’t been properly defined yet.

We are interested in passionate, willing, and able founders that can attract the best talent, create amazing products & services, and execute their vision while being a great leader.

We will accept applications from founders at all stages; from just an idea to product(s) in market.

What happens after Expa Labs?

At the conclusion of the Expa Labs program, teams will have the status of their company sent to the Expa Limited Partners (investors in Expa) in a “first look” to share fundraising goals and get feedback. Should your company decide to raise additional capital, our first look is great way to gauge interest and discuss your plans with experts.

Throughout the Expa Labs program you will be introduced to VCs and investors with whom Expa has relationships with. Additionally, you will be given guidance on fundraising strategy during your weekly meetings with the Expa Labs team. Not all teams will want to raise immediately after the program, but will receive ongoing support as they prepare to do so.

Participation and expertise from Expa doesn’t end after Expa Labs. You will join the extended Expa family of entrepreneurs and advisors.

Does Expa Labs have a “focus” or industry specific investment thesis?

We look to invest in passionate and capable founder(s). Whether at idea stage or prototype/demo, we look for businesses we can help. We aim to invest in companies that are solving real pain points with exceptional teams, and will consider any venture scale industry.

Who should apply to Expa Labs and how are teams evaluated?

The ideal company is at the earliest stages (pre-incorporation) and has a founding team of 2-4 people. We also look at teams that have a product(s) in market and are gaining customers and traction. Teams are evaluated on their executional abilities to date, the problem they want to solve, and the potential for Expa Labs to help the company get to the next level.

We seek to invest in people who can build great products, execute well, and are coachable. We require at least one technical co-founder and a focus on a problem or challenge in need of capital and resources to solve it. We are looking for both first time and repeat founders.

Does every team member need to be in either NY, SF, or Vancouver to get into Expa Labs?

No. As long as the founders of your company are in one of our offices for the duration of the program, your team members can be located from where they are based.

If one or more of your founders are not able to work from the Expa offices during the program, you can be considered for the Distributed Program. See “What is expected of a Expa Labs Distributed team and how is it different from working out of one of the 3 offices?” above for more information.

What are the key dates for the Expa Labs 2017 program?

The application deadline is March 31, 2017 at 9 pm PST.

Applications are reviewed as we receive them, so the earlier you apply the sooner we can reach out. During the application process we will select a handful of early applicants to join us at Expa events hosted in San Francisco or New York. Submit your application early to be considered.

Final interviews will be held in NYC and SF
New York City: Monday May 8th - Friday May 12th
San Francisco: Monday May 15th - Friday May 19th

Vancouver and Distributed Labs finalists will be invited to either New York City or San Francisco to accommodate an in-person interview.

How does my team apply to Expa Labs?

Visit the Expa Labs application page.